How a Cannabis Training Center Can Help You Land a Cannabis Dispensary Job

Ever since Illinois said it’s okay to use marijuana for fun, lots of folks want in on it. Whether you’re thinking about switching jobs or you’ve been dreaming of working with plants for ages, there’s a chance for you in the cannabis world. But in Illinois, lots of people are trying to do the same thing, so you need to shine to get noticed. Find out how a cannabis training center can help you get a job at a dispensary in Illinois.

Illinois and the Cannabis Industry

In 2019, Illinois made it legal for people to use cannabis just for fun, and they did it differently than other states – no voting needed. Since then, sales have been crazy high! That means dispensaries are super busy and need more people to help out with all the customers. By August 2020, dispensaries in Illinois had sold over $120 million worth of cannabis products.

State-Approved Responsible Vendor Certification

The State Approved Responsible Seller Certification helps you understand the IDFPR Responsible Vendor program. If you want to work in a cannabis dispensary in Illinois, you need to complete this program. It’s a must-do thing. Without it, you can’t get a job in the cannabis industry here. It’s part of getting your license to work in an adult-use cannabis retail dispensary. While you can apply for jobs without it, having this certification gives you a better chance in interviews because it shows you know the rules. We recommend getting your certification before starting work.

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